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MonoRail screencasts

If you want a great into to MonoRail, check out Colin’s screencasts. I will possibly be re-writing my validation post.

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MonoRail #4: Validation

This post was decided upon after watching Hammet‘s screencast on using attribute-based validation in MonoRail. *NOTE: I do not agree with embedding validation into the domain model.  I would prefer a service handle this, but I’m utilizing the validation that … Continue reading 

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MonoRail HotSwap

Ayende (pronounced A-yend  (no eh at the end) – verified in this post after hearing Colin pronounce it) posted on an idea he has – MonoRail HotSwap and Colin Ramsay did a screencast of MonoRail HotSwap.  I know that the … Continue reading 

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NBehave Experiment: MonoRail Controllers & Rhino Mocks

…whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. — 1 John 2:5 Well I decided it was finally time I took a look at NBehave as … Continue reading 

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Monorail #3 : Unit Testing and ViewComponents

UNIT TESTING After the past 2 1/2 posts I’ve migrated my unit tests to use the BaseControllerTest abstract class that originated from the Eleutian guys, but is now a part of the Castle MonoRail trunk download.Here is my ExampleControllerTests class: … Continue reading 

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Another Quick Tip: Asserting view renders in a MonoRail controller test

This is another one of those “blog it so I can remember it” posts. My last post about a similar tip was relating to asserting redirects in a MonoRail controller.  This one deals with asserting which view is being rendered in your … Continue reading 

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Building the often needed anti-corruption layer

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.  — Proverbs 1:7 “Agile Joe” and I were chatting about the challenges of building on top of existing application platforms, specifically ones like Microsoft … Continue reading 

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Monorail #0: Controllers

One of the first things I should have posted:  How It Works This image is good for all you visual learners out there:  (from the Castle Project documentation) This will help us when we go to the next post on … Continue reading 

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Monorail #2 : Layouts & Rescues

LAYOUTS UPDATED: Used the Code Snippet plug-in Layouts are like master pages or template pages in Adobe DreamWeaver.  They allow you to template your site.  I have a default.vm under my ../Views/layouts folder and the way to make a controller … Continue reading 

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Quick Tip: Asserting response redirects in a MonoRail controller test

Reading this post by Sean reminded me of when I first started using the trunk’s BaseControllerTest.  One nifty little property on the base test controller’s mock Response object is RedirectedTo.  So you can do something like this: 1: // some … Continue reading 

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