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Project Management in Java: A Confused .NET Developer’s Perspective

When I was first introduced to workplace Java the amount of ways one could define a project appeared to be restrictive, confusing and a point of frequent friction. While those things may all be true, it’s a great deal better … Continue reading 

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Multi-processor builds with MsBuild

I use a mixture of NAnt and MSBuild and the following was very interesting. Scott Hanselman posts about using multiple processors to build solutions.  If you are not subscribed to Scott’s blog, you should be.  Also check out his tools … Continue reading 

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Refactoring NAnt and MSBuild build scripts

This post was originally published here. A while back, I talked about the harmful effects of “Copy Paste”.  While editing some NAnt and MSBuild build scripts, I forgot about the evil twin of ”Copy Paste”, which is “Find and Replace” (I guess … Continue reading 

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