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NBehave source moved to Google Code

Well, we’re fed up with it.  CodePlex is a great home for everything…except source control.  We’ve decided to keep all things project related (wiki, releases, discussions, etc.) on CodePlex, but move our source to Google Code. We got the inspiration from … Continue reading 

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Are Story Runners appropriate?

This post was originally published here. Scott recently voiced his opinion on the validity of story runners (i.e. the xBehave tools) in an agile shop.  First, let me say that I sincerely appreciate the passion Scott has for BDD, and … Continue reading 

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NBehave + NSpec

So, quickly, I decided to go ahead and throw NSpec into the mix on top of NBehave.  Why not!  Here is what the example from my previous post would look like using NSpec: [Test, Story] public void Load_checkout_information() { CheckoutOrderDTO checkoutOrderDTO … Continue reading 

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NBehave Experiment: MonoRail Controllers & Rhino Mocks

…whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. — 1 John 2:5 Well I decided it was finally time I took a look at NBehave as … Continue reading 

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Authoring stories with NBehave 0.3

This post was originally published here. As Joe already mentioned, Behave# has merged with NBehave.  The merged NBehave will still be hosted on CodePlex, and the old project site will redirect to the new CodePlex NBehave site.  With the announcement … Continue reading 

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