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NServiceBus, Semantic Versioning and events

Something that caught us quite off guard when migrating from the 2.6 version of NServiceBus to the 3.x versions was around how NServiceBus treats assembly versions for publishing messages. When a subscriber expresses intent for a subscription of a message … Continue reading 


Messaging Semantics: Ownership

In the last post, I covered naming of messages for the different kinds of messages we typically see: Commands Replies Events The names of messages is the first clue I look in to see if boundaries are correct. Often, when … Continue reading 

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Messaging semantics: names and verbs

In most messaging systems I’ve worked with (synchronous or asynchronous), there are three general types of messages that arise: Commands Replies Events Queries can be thought of as a special kind of command where I ask for something and get … Continue reading 


NServiceBus and concurrency

A while back, Andreas posted on NServiceBus sagas and concurrency. In that post, he described both what to consider and how to change the concurrency model of NServiceBus and how it relates to sagas. One thing that comes as a … Continue reading 

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Reliable job scheduling with NServiceBus and Quartz.NET

One of the more interesting features of NServiceBus is the ability to schedule messages and send messages in the future. The default implementation works well for simple cases, where you have messages that need to be sent every X seconds. … Continue reading 


Dallas Day of Dot Net NServiceBus presentation posted

About a week ago or so I presented at Dallas Day of .NET on Keeping Integration Sane with NServiceBus. I talked about the three main ways I’ve had to integrate with other systems I don’t control, including: Sending files Receiving … Continue reading 

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Built-In Roles in NServiceBus

One common scenario we see with NServiceBus is the desire to have different configuration in different environments. For frameworks and applications that rely on external configuration, such as the .config file or other external store, there’s an easy route to … Continue reading 

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Multiple messages and transport messages in NServiceBus

Andreas Öhlund posted recently on the concept of the “transport message” in NServiceBus. One of the mistakes I often see (and made myself) was misunderstanding the boundary of the unit of work NServiceBus applies to messages, especially around sending multiple … Continue reading 


Stop premature email sending with NServiceBus

We use NServiceBus quite a lot to manage integration points where the other side isn’t transactional and we need to “shore up the process” of communicating with external services. One integration point we often don’t think about in terms of … Continue reading 


MSMQ and cached DNS

A couple of weeks ago, one of our hosting providers switched a number of our hosted servers from DHCP to use NAT internally, but kept the same external IP addresses. Evidently we had exhausted the IPv4 addresses internally, and a … Continue reading