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JavaScript Can’t Do Math – SilverlightCalculator A New Silverlight OSS Project

It’s amazing what a lack of sleep can do for the OSS World. Over the last year I have encountered numerous places where I wanted to do simple financial equations in my JavaScript applications. You know really complex stuff like … Continue reading 

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Using Solution Factory + NuPack to create Opinionated Visual Studio Solutions.

Using Solution Factory inside of NuPack opens up a great new world of creating Solution Level templates. Previously, I wrote a lot of code in Solution Factory that just kept running into edge cases working against the Visual Studio automation … Continue reading 

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NuPack– .Net Package Management… and much, much, more

Yeah.. so all the Ruby and Java guys are saying.. Its about time .Net got a package management system. There were a few growing in the open source space, but none have really gained any traction.  Nu seemed to be … Continue reading 

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MSDN License Giveaways for Open Source Projects

I am totally excited to support the folks over at and their giveaway.  They are giving away MSDN  Licenses to Open Source projects in need of said licenses.  As a Microsoft MVP, I was given three MSDN License’s to … Continue reading 

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MvcContrib – Portable Area – Visual Studio project template

I just uploaded a visual studio project template for creating portable areas.  You can find the release here: This project template includes a little msbuild trick to automatically include all of your content files as embedded resources, so you … Continue reading 

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A Call for Help – Vote for my Codeplex Issues

This is my second time of calling to the community to support some feature requests I have made for the CodePlex website.   The first time I did this, I got a great response. The community voted my issue up and … Continue reading 

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ASP.Net MVC Portable Areas via MvcContrib

Follow me on RSS and Twitter Follow @ehexter   This is a multi post series on ASP.Net MVC Portable Areas Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – Sample Portable Area Part 3 – Usage of a Portable Area Part 4 … Continue reading 

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Breaking changes in Ncover 3.0 integration with Cruise Control .Net

  There were some changes to the nCover xml reports for code coverage which will break your existing integration with cruise control .net. Specifically if you use the Statistics feature of Cruise Control which is one of the best features … Continue reading 

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MvcContrib source code has moved to GitHub

We recently moved the MvcContrib projects source code over to GitHub.  We are hoping that the ease of creating forks and pulling them back into the trunk will allow for more contributions to the project.  I know that GIT seems … Continue reading 

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Opinionated Input Builders – Part 9 override the default Date Time picker

  Part 1 – Overview Part 2 – the Label Part 3 – the Source Code Part 4 – the Partial View Part 5 – the Required Field Indicator Part 6 – the Performance Part 7 – the Performance Take … Continue reading 

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