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Opinionated Input Builders – Part 7 More on Performance / Take 2.

Part 1 – Overview Part 2 – the Label Part 3 – the Source Code Part 4 – the Partial View Part 5 – the Required Field Indicator  Part 6 – the Performance Part 7 – the Performance Take 2 … Continue reading 

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Big Props to the Codeplex team!

  A month back I was on a mission to get a feature included in Codeplex that would allow my projects to better support the companies which fund my projects.  I reached out to the community to help vote this … Continue reading 

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Help Support Open Source Software – I Mean You!

   Go Vote for this feature on the Codeplex website. Although the company I work for is a consulting company and not a product company, we have dedicated hundreds of hours to Open Source Software projects in the Microsoft .Net … Continue reading 

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