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Blue-Green Deployment

Introduction These days our customers expect their applications to be up and running all the time and literally experience no down-time at all ever. At the same time we should be able to add new features to the existing application … Continue reading 


Zero Downtime

Introduction This post is part of my series about Implementing a CI/CD pipeline. Please refer to this post for an introduction and a complete table of contents. First of all we need to distinguish the types of applications that we … Continue reading 


Workshop on Event Sourcing

Yesterday I had the pleasure to lead a workshop about Event Sourcing (ES). It was organized by my special friend Andy Siemer who always does an amazing job in organizing events of any size. We also had the pleasure to … Continue reading 

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Auto Healing

Introduction This post is part of a series dedicated to the topic of building a fully automated delivery and/or deployment pipeline. Please refer to this post for an introduction and the table of content. In the following I am going … Continue reading 

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Service discovery – part 1

Introduction This post is part of a series of post on how to implement a continuous deployment pipeline for a micro services based application. The overview and table of content can be found here. In a micro service based architecture … Continue reading 

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Micro service based architecture

Introduction This post is part of a series that describes the implementation of a fully automated continuous deployment pipeline. For an overview and a table of content please refer to this post. In this post I want to discuss what … Continue reading 

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Implementing a CI/CD pipeline

Introduction In one of my previous postsĀ I have talked about continuous deployment and continuous delivery and why it is important. In a series of posts I want to describe in detail the various patterns that are necessary to successfully implement … Continue reading 

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Event sourcing applied – the read model

In my last posts about event sourcing I discussed the write side of the picture. I introduced the aggregate which is the target of commands and as a reaction publishes event and I have also discussed the application service which … Continue reading 


Event Sourcing applied – the Repository

In my last few posts I started by revisiting the architectural pattern Event Sourcing and looked into how we can apply this pattern. I first discussed implementation of the aggregates and then of the application services. In this post I … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing applied – the application service

In my previous posts I revisited Event Sourcing (ES) and introduced in detail how I apply ES when implementing the aggregates of a domain model. In this post I want to talk about the application services that are the hosts … Continue reading 

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