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PTOM: The Composite Design Pattern

The Composite Design Pattern This post talks about the Composite Design Pattern and is part of Pablo’s Topic of the Month – November: Design Patterns. A Composite is a tree structure where each node can be represented as a common … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Topic of the Month – November: Design Patterns

Pablo’s Topic of the Month – November: Design Patterns Back in April, we announced we would be doing a PTOM on Design Patterns. It turned out that April was a busy month for all of us and we didn’t live … Continue reading 

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Strategies and discriminators in NHibernate

I recently posted about enumeration classes, and how I like to use them as a sort of “Enumerations with behavior”.  Not every enumeration should be replaced with a class, but that pattern helps quite a bit when I find a … Continue reading 

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Separation of Concerns by example: Part 3

We made quite a bit of progress separating out the concerns in Part 2, but there are still some issues with our current design.  Other parts in this series include: Separation of Concerns – how not to do it Separation … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Topic of the Month – April: Design Patterns

Pablo’s Topic of the Month – April: Design Patterns Over the next few days and weeks, the Los Techies crew will be writing a number of blog posts focused a particular subject in addition to their regular blogging.  Pablo’s Topic … Continue reading 

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Unit testing MonoRail controllers – Redirects

When developing with MonoRail, one of the common operations is to redirect to other controllers and actions.  Originally, I looked at the BaseControllerTester to help test, but it required a little too much knowledge of the inner workings of MonoRail … Continue reading 

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Intention-concealing interfaces: blob parameters

When someone is using your code, you want your code to be as explicit and easy to understand as possible.  This is achieved through Intention-Revealing Interfaces.  Evans describes the problems of opaque and misleading interfaces in Domain-Driven Design: If a developer … Continue reading 

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Principles and Patterns over Tools and Frameworks

It’s interesting to see what other developers value and/or what topics they are interested in regarding the development of software.  I’m going to start doing some internal presentations and live coding sessions at my company for my fellow consultants.  I’ve … Continue reading 

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Specifications versus validators

Joe posed a great question on my recent entity validation post: I question the term Validator in relation to DDD.  Since the operation of the Validator seems to be a simple predicate based on business rule shouldn’t the term Specification … Continue reading 

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Entity validation with visitors and extension methods

On the Yahoo ALT.NET group, an interesting conversation sprung up around the topic of validation.  Entity validation can be a tricky beast, as validation rules typically depend on the context of the operation (persistence, business rules, etc.). In complex scenarios, … Continue reading 

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