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The value of certifications

Reading Davy Brion’s post on Does Certification Have Any Value?, he provides a common answer: Someone asked which certificate would be the better choice on Twitter today: Microsoft Certified Professional or Certified Scrum Master. My answer was very simple: neither … Continue reading 


Decomposing a book club

Book clubs can be a great way to foster learning and encourage growth on a team.  They aren’t always the best avenue for training, which might include: Formal training Industry events Presentations Brown bag lunches etc. I always enjoyed book … Continue reading 


Hall of shame

We keep a “Hall of Shame” of WTF-level code snippets to remind us that however bad we might think things get, it could always be worse.  It also serves as a reminder to us that we can’t be complacent with ignorance, … Continue reading 

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Some 80/20 feedback

Jeff had an interesting post today on putting programmers into two bins, an 80% and a 20%.  The 20% were the alpha-geeks, and the 80% were everyone else, “Morts” for lack of a better term.  One characterization was that the … Continue reading 

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