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SOLID JavaScript In A Wobbly World (Wide Web)

I got to speak at CodeMash 2014, and gave a talk on applying the SOLID software principles to JavaScript. In addition to giving the talk, though, I also recorded the session and have published the video with all the resources!  … Continue reading 

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Warm Crocodile Conference: Copenhagen, Denmark

UPDATE: the slides from this talk are available here: — If you’ll be in the Copenhagen, Denmark area during the week of January 16 – 17, 2013, you should check out the Warm Crocodile Conference. I’m signed up to give a … Continue reading 

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NDC 2012 presentations posted

Slides and code are up for my talks at NDC 2012: Building External DSLs Crafting Wicked Domain Models NDC also recorded the talks, so when those get released I’ll update this post with the videos as well. Videos below! Watch … Continue reading 


Lean Software & Systems Conference 2010 (#LSSC10) Review

Last week I attended (and presented at) the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta and it was well worth the trip! Everything from the keynote speakers to the individual sessions, from the hotel accommodations to the conference rooms, was … Continue reading 

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My ‘Decoupling Workflow’ Presentation Was Accepted For #LSSC10

I was notified yesterday that my ‘Decoupling Workflow’ submission for the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta was accepted! This will be a complete re-write of the presentation, by the same name, that I gave at the 2009 Austin … Continue reading 

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What Do You Want To Know, About Kanban In Software Development?

I asked this question via Twitter a few minutes ago, and wanted to ask the non-twittering inter-web-o-blog-reading public: if I were to do an Intro To Kanban presentation for your team/company/local-user-group, what questions would you want answered? Let me know … Continue reading 

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I’m Presenting SOLID At AlamoCoders On June 9th

I may be jumping the gun a bit, since it’s not posted on the AlamoCoders site, yet. The AlamoCoders site has been updated to show my presentation. Please note that there is a different start time than usual – 5:30pm … Continue reading 

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Result<T>: Directing Workflow With A Return Status And Value

I often code user interfaces that have some sort of cancel button on them. For example, in my upcoming ‘Decoupling Workflow’ presentation, I have the following screen: Notice the nice cancel button on the form. The trick to this situation … Continue reading 

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I’m Presenting At Austin Code Camp 2009

As Chad so eloquently stated, this year’s AustinCodeCamp really is going to be better than bacon! And I feel honored to be one of the better than bacon speakers at this year’s event. I’m delivering two presentations: The SOLID presentation … Continue reading 

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MVC – Free Yourself from Web Forms!

Thanks to all who came out last night to hear my talk on MVC at the Richmond .NET User Group.  It was a blast.  I wish we had more time to dig into some more code, but maybe next time.  … Continue reading 

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