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Value Stream Map

I read an article yesterday about how SoundCloud migrated their product towards microservices.  It was the business reasoning for making that decision and the steps they went through to finally get to their goal.  It wasn’t so much about the … Continue reading 

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FizzBuzz is dead. Long live FizzBuzz!

UPDATE: It seems I was describing an out of date process, this is what we did a few months ago. Talking to folks doing interviews, we went back to live coding the Fizz Buzz exercise. Doing Fizz Buzz as a … Continue reading 


Managing Wiki content

In the recent past we’ve setup a wiki in my organization, it is used by project managers and developers alike. As a result, we have had a surge of content placed onto the wiki without much organization or planning on … Continue reading 

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Feature Presentation

Over the past year I’ve taken an active role at my organization of the agile coach (albeit a pretty crappy one) and in my time there tightening up our processes and culture, one thing I’ve come to realize is there … Continue reading 

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The developer’s true goal

Having been a part of several large, long-term products and projects, I’ve come to a bit of an epiphany on what our goal as developers truly is.  For the longest time, I believed that our goal was to write good … Continue reading 


Quality against a deadline

Parkinson’s Law states: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. With one week iterations on an XP team, we really don’t have that problem.  On previous teams, with lengthy six month waterfall cycles, work might … Continue reading