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Cassandra & Rails: Cequel Batch Support

Cassandra On Rails using Cequel Atomic Batch Support When I first tried to use Cassandra with Rails over a year ago the lack of a good native (IE not thrift) driver and a good mapper was a show stopper for … Continue reading 

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A smarter Rails url_for helper

Problem In my Rails application, I want to be able to determine a URL for any given model, without the calling code having to know the type of the model. Instead of calling post_path(@post) or comment_path(@comment), I want to just … Continue reading 

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EmberJS: Initial Impressions (Compared To Backbone)

Hey! This article references a pre-release version of Ember.js. Now that Ember.js has reached a 1.0 API the code samples below are no longer correct and the expressed opinions may no longer be accurate. Just keep that in mind when … Continue reading 

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Composition Of Responsibility vs Interface Implementation

This started out a comment in a Google+ stream, which is in response to the brujahahahahalols that have been going around concerning ActiveRecord, FubuMVC and Rails. I’m not defending any of these posts or perspectives. I have my own opinions … Continue reading 

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Adding A ‘has_image?’ Matcher To Capybara

I’m rather shocked that Capybara doesn’t have a ‘has_image?’ matcher built in to it. But after search around google for a while, the only thing I found was a bunch of StackOverflow answers that all say to use ‘has_xpath?’ to … Continue reading 

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Rail 3.1 CI setup with Jenkins, Test Unit & SimpleCov on OS X Lion.

I recently had to setup a build server for some rails work I’m doing. Still wanting to support my other projects I setup Jenkins. I ran into several issues. Running Jenkins as a hidden user First I noticed that jenkins … Continue reading 

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A Visual History Of The Usefulness Of Ruby On Rails

Everyone seems to know about the benefit of MVC frameworks in web development these days. It’s no secret that there is a lot of power in this stuff, and it’s largely due to the popularity of Ruby on Rails that … Continue reading 

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Endemic simplicity

I was setting up a new website for AutoMapper the other day, and needed to get both a domain name and integration into Heroku, where my site is hosted (for free, by the way). When you host your site with … Continue reading 


Rendering A Rails Partial As A jQuery Template

A question was asked on twitter: Here’s one of the answers that I sent to rob, in the form of a gist: I’m using this solution in my current rails app and it’s a very elegant way to use an … Continue reading 


Making Mongoid Play Nice With Backbone.js

Backbone has some great features that make it dirt-simple to integrate with a Rails back end. For example, the Backbone models have a .fetch(), .save() and .destroy() method on them. These methods make a call back to your server, based … Continue reading 

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