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A pointless exercise

I caught this last night from Scott Hanselman on Twitter: It’s a side-by-side comparison of the time to create a simple web app for: Ruby Perl ASP.NET Java The website compares a few other frameworks to compare which languages … Continue reading 

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Dear software tool vendors, RE: I’m breaking up with you

Dear software tool vendors, Reading Chad’s ReSharper love letter reminded me we need to talk. I’m breaking up with you. Your solutions seemed so enticing.  It seemed my excitement had no bounds, as I waited longingly for each press release … Continue reading 


Moving past stored procedures

On Chad’s recent SQL-assembly comparison post, a few interesting comments caught my eye proclaiming the glory of stored procedures.  From tom (no link): [Stored procedures] are not only useful for speed but also for ACID and to keep business logic … Continue reading 

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Stop the Flash insanity

More and more it seems high-profile websites are using Flash as a mechanism to deliver essential content.  In extreme cases, such as mycokerewards, the entire site is built on Flash.  Ads in websites, which you used to be able to ignore, … Continue reading 


Upgrading to Windows XP SP2

After months of soul-searching, I made the gut-wrenching decision today to upgrade my home PC to Windows XP SP2. Upgrade from Vista, that is. I’m completely convinced that Vista is not designed to run on single-core/processor machines.  I’ve run Vista … Continue reading 


Dead Google Calendar gadget

This morning I received an interesting yet disturbing message on the Google Calendar gadget on my iGoogle home page: Great gadget that it was, I think I might be a little more discerning about what gadgets I put on the … Continue reading 

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Time is running out

I popped open Windows Live Writer today and got a fun message: I thought this product was free, and I never paid for anything, so I’m a little confused how a free product can expire.  Live Writer isn’t supported on … Continue reading 


SharePoint 2007 Wiki – not a fan

This post was originally published here. Now that I’ve written a couple large-ish wiki entries on our team’s SharePoint 2007 wiki, I can reasonably say I’m not too impressed with the wiki offerings from MOSS 2007.  A few complaints so … Continue reading 

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Short path to failure

This post was originally published here. In three easy steps: Separate those making decisions from those affected by the decisions Remove accountability from the decision makers for the decisions made Rinse, repeat After going to the inaugural Agile Austin group meeting last night, … Continue reading 

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The problem with code comments

This post was originally published here. Let me first state that I’m not proposing eliminating the use of code comments.  Code comments can be very helpful pointing a developer in the right direction when trying to change a complex or non-intuitive block of code. Additionally, I’m also … Continue reading 

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