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Simplify Your Unit Tests With Automocking: Part 2 – Establishing Context

Following my helper methods in the base context specification class that we use, I decided to simplify the entire process of setting the context in which the tests are running. Specifically, I wanted to get rid of the constant declaration … Continue reading 

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Simplify Your Unit Tests With Auto Mocking: Part 1 – Helper Methods

After working on the Ninject.RhinoMocks automocking container, I started using it in my current project right away and it wasn’t long before I started simplifying the usage of it with helper methods in my base test class.   From “MockingKernel.Get<T>()” … Continue reading 

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Ninject.RhinoMocks: Auto Mocking Container For .NET 3.5 and Compact Framework 3.5

Earlier today, I decided I was tired of calling RhinoMocks directly. I love RhinoMocks. It’s a great tool and I don’t want to write tests without it (or another mocking framework like Moq or whatever…). But I’m tired of all … Continue reading 

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Working With Assertions Made on Arguments in Rhino Mocks

  Today when modifying what we call an “order notifier” (essentially observers that are notified when an order is placed), I was having trouble figuring out why my test was failing. The project is written in C# and this test … Continue reading 

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Unit Testing Simple ASP.NET MVC Controllers

I have created enough simple projects using ASP.NET MVC with unit tests to notice a very helpful pattern. The following is a sample of a test fixture using RhinoMocks and NUnit to test a controller. 1: [TestFixture] 2: public class … Continue reading 

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Auto mocking Explained

What does it do? There is nothing fancy about an automocker. There is nothing scary about an automocker. An automocker is like one of those little classes we all write in order to quickly and easily create objects that we … Continue reading 

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Three simple Rhino Mocks rules

In previous versions of Rhino Mocks, the Record/Replay model was the only way to create and verify mocks.  You would have an area that set up expectations in a record mode, then the replay mode would verify your expectations.  What … Continue reading 

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The Rhino.Mocks’ AssertWasCalled method does work

This behavior is probably clearly specified somewhere, but somehow it has been non-obvious to the four people on our team to the point that we were leaning toward banning its use. I didn’t want to go that far, so figured … Continue reading 

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