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Building Sample Apps in Ruby, NodeJS and PHP

In the last three years I’ve gone from full time .NET development to full time Ruby on Rails and then full time JavaScript. It’s been an awesome ride, so far, but it’s not done yet. I started digging in to … Continue reading 

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A smarter Rails url_for helper

Problem In my Rails application, I want to be able to determine a URL for any given model, without the calling code having to know the type of the model. Instead of calling post_path(@post) or comment_path(@comment), I want to just … Continue reading 

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EmberJS: Initial Impressions (Compared To Backbone)

Hey! This article references a pre-release version of Ember.js. Now that Ember.js has reached a 1.0 API the code samples below are no longer correct and the expressed opinions may no longer be accurate. Just keep that in mind when … Continue reading 

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Powerfully simple persistence: MongoDB

In my post “Great time to be a developer“, I listed MongoDB as one of the tools that made my task (track travel times for a given route) easy. This post will show you how. What do I need to … Continue reading 

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Great time to be a developer

I am in awe of the free tools available to software developers today. It is amazing how fast, and cheaply, you can turn an idea into productive code. I was so pumped by a recent experience, I decided to share. … Continue reading 

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Composition Of Responsibility vs Interface Implementation

This started out a comment in a Google+ stream, which is in response to the brujahahahahalols that have been going around concerning ActiveRecord, FubuMVC and Rails. I’m not defending any of these posts or perspectives. I have my own opinions … Continue reading 

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Learning Haskel For Fun (and profit?)

I found a little spare time recently, so I started learning Haskell via I’m learning it specifically because it’s completely foreign to me. I’ve never done any functional programming and I wanted to bend my mind around and see … Continue reading 

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Dependency Injection Is NOT The Same As The Dependency Inversion Principle

A long time ago, when I first started blogging with LosTechies, I wrote up a few posts on Dependency Inversion and Dependency Injection, and how I finally started to understand what Dependency Injection was all about. At the time, I thought … Continue reading 

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Test-Driving Backbone Views With JQuery Templates, The Jasmine Gem, and Jasmine-JQuery

In my current production rails app, I use Cucumber to test my backbone code as an integration test – to make sure that the entire system is playing nice. Over the weekend, I decided to dive a little deeper into my … Continue reading 

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Integrating Toto and a Sinatra app in 10 steps

Integrating a Sinatra and toto application is a little tricky for those unfamiliar with hosting multiple Rack applications in a single Rack instance. To integrate these two for, I followed similar instructions from the toto wiki: cd your_sinatra_app mkdir … Continue reading 

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