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ACID 2.0 in action

One of the comments in my last post on message idempotency asked about message ordering. This is part of a larger issue that I’ve run into recently around turning two-phase commits off. When looking at mutating state through interactions, typically … Continue reading 

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(Un) Reliability in messaging: idempotency and de-duplication

In my post on ditching two-phase commits, I introduced the problem of trying to listen and talk at the same time. Essentially, people typically do two-phased commits in messaging systems because they want to deal with messages “exactly once”. But … Continue reading 

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Ditching two-phased commits

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with two-phased commits during my years with messaging. Even if MSDTC was free to set up, it doesn’t come free in terms of throughput. Most people run into 2PC in messaging because because queueing systems … Continue reading 

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Messages, data and types

One concern I receive quite a bit from folks new to messaging, especially those coming from SOAP and WCF land, is how to preserve the convenience of proxy classes and data contracts that can be shared amongst multiple clients. The … Continue reading 

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Scaling NServiceBus Sagas

When looking at NServiceBus sagas (process managers), especially at high volume of messages, we often run into two main problems: Deadlocks Starvation This is because of the fundamental (default) design of sagas is that: A single saga shares a single … Continue reading 

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Saga implementation patterns – variations

In the previous couple of posts, I looked at the two main patterns I run into when looking at sagas: Command-oriented (request/response) in the Controller pattern Event-oriented (pub/sub) in the Observer pattern Of course, these aren’t the only ways our … Continue reading 

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Saga implementation patterns – Controller

In the previous post on saga implementation patterns, we looked at the Observer pattern. In that pattern, the saga was a passive participant in the business transaction, similar to how many fast food restaurants fulfill orders. But not all food … Continue reading 

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Saga implementation patterns – Observer

NServiceBus sagas, itself an implementation of the Process Manager pattern, often takes one of two main forms when implemented. It’s not a cut and dry distinction, but in general, I’ve found that saga implementations typically fall into one or the … Continue reading 

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Internal versus external events

Inevitably, for those building event-driven architectures (or even message-based architectures), the need arises to publish events to some outside consumer. This consumer could be another solution built by the same team, an adjacent team, or consumers outside the firewall boundary. … Continue reading 

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Messaging Semantics: Ownership

In the last post, I covered naming of messages for the different kinds of messages we typically see: Commands Replies Events The names of messages is the first clue I look in to see if boundaries are correct. Often, when … Continue reading 

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