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E-VAN – Alan Dean talking on REST (6th July 2009)

First off if you didn’t watch Udi Dahan talk on the SOA then you missed a treat, a real pro speaking on a topic that he and a very few others in the .NET space are way ahead of the … Continue reading 

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Book Review – SOA Patterns (First 5 Chapters)

I’ll cut straight to the chase, I definitely recommend SOA Patterns to anyone interested in SOA. Even though its currently only available in MEAP, and is a bit rough and ready, and isn’t complete, it’s still great stuff and well … Continue reading 

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Udi’s SOA Class Made Me Smart

Chris challenged me to write a post showing how smart I am after taking the class. While I know that “made me smart” is completely unbelievable, I did manage learn a great deal. I’m slow to getting around to this … Continue reading 

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