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ASP.Net Web Config Transform Console Utility released on nuget

Overview ASP.Net Web.config transformations are a great way to manage configuration differences between environments. You can easily change a database connection string or change the compilation model for  Here is a link to the syntax documentation on msdn. The … Continue reading 

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Using sql compact for integration tests with entity framework.

In my practices using continuous integration, I try to achieve 100% code coverage using integration tests. This is a separate metric from my unit tests, think of these tests as verifying all of my infrastructure code works properly when wired … Continue reading 

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Build Metrics with Distributed Teams & Large Organizations

With some recent changes at work and I am looking at the quality of software development teams across a very large software organization. I am currently looking at getting the teams back to the basics in terms of software quality. … Continue reading 

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How to use Git and Github for Windows from within a Windows auth proxy network.

If you work at a company where you need to type in your user id to access sites on the internet and when you want to use git to push to a repository on the internet and it just hangs. … Continue reading 

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Download All the Build Videos, while you sleep

I don’t remember where I found this a while back, but this is the script I am using to download all the Build 2012 videos to my office. ( so I can share them with all my co-workers) This script … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio Command Prompt in Console

I’m a big fan of Console – it’s a nifty little app that lets you host multiple disparate command prompts in a single tabbed interface. I have a regular command prompt, a Git bash, a Powershell prompt and a Python … Continue reading 


Sample script for SolutionScripts

Question came up.. what sort of scripts do you use with SolutionScripts? Here’s one that does the ASP.NET compile thing.  Stick it in your SolutionScripts directory and you can run aspcomp from the Nuget console.

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SolutionScripts – little scripts for the Nuget console

Sharing a Nuget package our team has been using for awhile: SolutionScripts.  It’s ridiculously simple, more of an idea than anything else. It runs the PowerShell scripts we put in a conventional folder.  We can version those scripts with our … Continue reading 

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Symptoms of a centralized VCS

Reading the TFS 2010 Branching Guide on CodePlex (no, I’m not a glutton for punishment, just want to know what else is going on in the world), I found an interesting note on scratch or temporary branches that pretty much … Continue reading 


Scheduled tasks with Quartz.NET

I’ve used a few different task schedulers on my current project, where I have to kick off NServiceBus sagas at very specific times of day (every night at 2AM etc.) We started out using the built-in Windows Task Scheduler, which … Continue reading