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Breaking changes in Ncover 3.0 integration with Cruise Control .Net

  There were some changes to the nCover xml reports for code coverage which will break your existing integration with cruise control .net. Specifically if you use the Statistics feature of Cruise Control which is one of the best features … Continue reading 

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Windows 7 Virtual PC FTW (For The Win) for virtual workstation development

I have constantly fought both Virtual PC and VM Workstation when working on virtual machines for development purposes. While VMWare had the features I liked it also had a price tag and a rather smug attitude. I usually ended up … Continue reading 

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My ideal IDE

The old joke goes something like, “Oh Visual Studio?  Yeah, that’s the tool I use to host ReSharper.”  Visual Studio has made lots of strides since the old VS 2002 edition.  Before then, it was Visual Studio 6.0, on the … Continue reading 


Updated TDD Productivity Plug-in for Resharper

  I first want to thank JetBrains for being pretty awesome.  I have complained a lot about how they are constantly chaining their APIs to Resharper and as a result it makes keeping plugins very hard to maintain but they … Continue reading 

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Making a Unit Test Framework agnostic Assertion in C#

  At the beginning of the year I got some feedback that the assertions in the MvcContrib.TestHelper library were great and very useful but the problem with them is that we relyed on the NUnit assertions.  This was a problem … Continue reading 

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The Flat Tire Principle for Source Control

There is a strange correlation between automobiles and line of business software applications when it comes to performing some standard repairs.   Consider the following scenario, you are happily working away at your job or out dining with your friends … Continue reading 

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Essential tools for web developers

Firefox Firebug Because today I needed a real tool to debug JavaScript. After I spent waaaaay too much time trying to use “window.alert”.


Awesome Code Analysis Plugin for Java

I was browsing the plugins available for Intellij and came across this gem: Hats off to University of Maryland for this nifty little tool (does not require Intellij).  Findbugs does static analysis of your projects and identifies patterns for … Continue reading 

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Simple Code Navigation with ReSharper

Here’s a quick 5 minute screen cast that demonstrates how you can use ReSharper to get where you want to be in your code. If you haven’t tried ReSharper yet, I highly recommend that you download the free trial and … Continue reading 

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I Heart ReSharper!

I’m still surprised by just how many people still aren’t using ReSharper. It’s an amazing productivity adding for Microsoft Visual Studio.  Once you’ve spent the time learning a few keyboard shortcuts you will not go back to naked studio. There … Continue reading 

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