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Survey of Entity Framework Unit of Work Patterns

Earlier this year I joined a development team which chose Entity Framework for the persistence needs of a new greenfield project. While I’ve worked on a few projects which used Entity Framework here and there over the years, the bulk … Continue reading 

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Speaking in Austin September 26th

I am very proud to say that I have been organizing a local tech conference – MeasureUP – that is on September 26th.  Among other things I will be there speaking on the topic of building production ready systems and … Continue reading 

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Continuous deployment

These days everybody wants to try new ideas as quickly as possible in the market. We want to see whether or not our customers like a new feature. If yes then we want to work on the feature and improve … Continue reading 

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Trust in Positive Intentions

The best career advice I ever got, from my friend and former manager Rich Vosburgh, is “Trust in positive intentions.” Following this advice makes my days calmer, my co-workers easier to collaborate with, and the number of times I look … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing applied – the Aggregate

This is my 100th post – I have to open a good bottle of wine tonight! In my last post I was presenting my thoughts about event sourcing (ES) as an architectural pattern. In this post I want to show in … Continue reading 

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Preview of my lightning talk on microservices

I have been spending half of my day lately with my head in microservices on one project or another. Makes it a great topic to create content around as there is no context switching required.  As such I am currently … Continue reading 

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DotNetFringe 2015 Recap From a Former .NET Developer

DotNetFringe 2015 Recap From a Former .NET Developer As some may or may not know, I have quite the storied past in .NET. The year was 2008 and I just landed my first job as an internal IT developer for … Continue reading 

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Welcome Andrew Siemer

It is a pleasure to me to welcome Andrew Siemer as a new member of LosTechies. Andy is my coworker and chief architect at ClearMeasure. Before joining ClearMeasure he was chief architect at Dell. Andy is an ASP.NET Insider and … Continue reading 

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Introducing NUnit.Specifications

I recently started working with a new team that uses NUnit as their testing framework.  While I think NUnit is a solid framework, I don’t think the default API and style lead to effective tests.  As an advocate of Test-Driven … Continue reading 

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The dangerous SourceTree setting

The messy one, at any rate. Looking at a team’s git repository, I see the following evidence of somebody having a bad day: Those are three commits, in rapid succession, from the same developer, trying to mash files into a … Continue reading 

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