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I’m on a project that was using WCF and we’ve managed to make the transition to using REST (well, to be honest so far its just POX). REST is a joy and I really find it such a pleasant experience … Continue reading 

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Book Review – RESTful .NET

Since we are using REST on top of WCF on my current project I was glad to see that this book had been written as I was hoping it would answer some questions I had. However my first issue with … Continue reading 

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Austin .NET Dojo on WCF

J Sawyer, our local MS events guy, and Stephen Fulcher are hosting a .NET coding dojo here in Austin, TX on November 3rd, 2008. The topic is WCF and the format is based off a similar dojo event which was … Continue reading 

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Integrating StructureMap and NHibernate with WCF

Following many examples I found online for other IoC containers, I borrowed utilized those designs to create a StructureMap instance provider.  One problem we ran into with that design was dealing with NHibernate.  Mainly, there are two types that are … Continue reading 

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Convention, configuration and WCF

Convention is something that’s fairly lacking in WCF.  Here’s what I’d like to do: [ServiceContract] public interface ICustomerSearch { Customer FindCustomerByName(string name); } public class Customer { public string Name { get; set; } public CustomerType Type { get; set; … Continue reading 


Trusted Subsystem, WCF and IIS 5 – revisited

In my last post, I tried to get the following scenario to work: One thing I didn’t add was that I’m running IIS in Windows XP, in IIS 5.  In this article on CodePlex, which I originally modeled my solution … Continue reading 


Trusted Subsystem, WCF and IIS

I’ve just about pulled my hair out on this one.  This used to be very easy with ASMX: Basically, I have IIS running as a trusted user, “Service”.  I want WCF to run as this user for connecting to databases, … Continue reading 


Integrating StructureMap with WCF

When developing with an IoC container like StructureMap, eventually some place in your code you will need to call the registry to instantiate your classes with their dependencies.  With StructureMap, this means a call to ObjectFactory.GetInstance.  Ideally, we’d like to … Continue reading 

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