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Introducing NUnit.Behave or insert what ever other catchy name

OK I was bored yesterday and I decided to update what I had worked on the other day from Dan North’s post on rbehave. Let look at my original attempt. [Test] public void Transfer_to_cash_account() { /* As a savings account … Continue reading 

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Dependency Patterns

Scott Bellware has an excellent post on dependency injection patterns.  By far this has been a concept that I struggle with in explaining to other developers. When I first heard of frameworks such as Sprint.Net, Windsor, StructureMap, it took me … Continue reading 

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Behavior Driven Design with NUnit User Group Presentation – Level 100

I recently gave a presentation on Behavior Driven Design at the AlamoCoders user group here in San Antonio. Given the hour constraint I had and the level 100 rating of the presentation, I was pressed to deliver the absolute essentials to … Continue reading 

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RBehave with NUnit

I just read Dan North’s article on Introducing RBehave. In a jealous rage of not being able to utilize Ruby fully in .Net. (YET)  I decided to see if I could pull off what Dan had created in rbehave using … Continue reading 

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Wife 1.0

I got his in an email this morning and I just had to share this.  I am sure it has been proliferated through the SPAM network I mean Internet but who I am to slow innovation.  Enjoy Subject: wife 1.0 … Continue reading 

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