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Remote Paired Programming

I was wondering if anyone out there new of any tools that can enable someone to pair program over the Internet in real time?

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Good bye NUnit.Behave hello Behave#

Most of you who read my blog know that I have been working on NUnit.Behave which was meant to mirror the functionality of rbehave in .Net.  My initial spike was a success but it required that you inherit from an … Continue reading 

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Online Collaboration Tool

I stumbled across this interesting tool called Thinkature for collaborating online.  Seems to very promising however the UI seems to be unresponsive at times.  Interesting concept since you should be able to brain storm with colleagues on a project and persist the workspace for … Continue reading 

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NUnit’s new Constraint model

I was working on some code this weekend and happened to come across NUnit 2.4′s new constraint objects.  I can’t believe I just now found out about this!  I am glad to see that the mocking frameworks influenced this addition to … Continue reading 

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The Jing Project

I just learned about an exciting new screen capture utility called the Jing Project.  You have to check this out.  It is pretty easy to use and best of all it is written in .Net 3.0.   “The concept of … Continue reading 

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Come and get it!!!! Los Techies "Pablo" Merchandise!

In an effort to raise money for our hosting and overall maintenance of Los Techies, we have opened up a CafePress store featuring our very own “Pablo”! So don’t be the only one on your team not sporting the latest … Continue reading 

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More BDD xBehave Madness!

Well over the past week or so I have been working off and on with improving the usage of NUnit.Behave.  It started off being tightly coupled with NUnit since you actually had to inherit an abstract fixture that exposed the … Continue reading 

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Calling on all Community Server Theme Gods

In a traditional developer fashion Los Techies is currently looking for someone to help us out in redesigning our site theme.  If you or anyone can help us out please contact us. We are currently using Community Server 2007 Commercial Edition. … Continue reading 

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NUnit.Behave Mentioned in The Carnival of Agilists

I just received an email from Kevin Rutherford indicating that I have been mentioned in the Agile Alliance’s Carnival of Agilists news letter. This blog is a twice-monthly collection of links to articles about Agile Software Development, ideas, commentary, news, … Continue reading 

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More Fluent Interfaces for NUnit.Behave

I have been enhancing the overall structure of NUnit.Behave to evolve to a more fluent interface.  The following is a working example of what I have come up with.   Story(“Account Holder withdraws cash”) .As_a(“savings account holder”) .I_Want(“to transfer money … Continue reading 

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