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There is always time for TDD

I just finished reading Dean Wamplers post on Why you have time for TDD (but may not know it yet…).  He brings up excellent’s points that Agilist struggle with when trying to convey to a client on why they need … Continue reading 

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I’m looking for a few good developers – contract

If you are in the San Antonio area and want to work with a great Agile team on a 6 month contract let me know.  I am currently taking application for 3 web developers.  If you are interested go ahead … Continue reading 

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Cont: Where does the Ubiquitous Language come from?

This is a follow up post to a question Scott Bellware asked me concerning origins of the Ubiquitous Language. To save you time with having to go back an forth between the post this was my response. “We practice a … Continue reading 

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…Programmers still in the Dark Ages???

Have to say I was a little intrigued after reading this article on CNet. Which lead me to Charles Simonyi’s company Intentional Software that claims to have a solution.  I couldn’t find the solution but I did find this. "Businesses … Continue reading 

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Forget UltraMon Checkout Display Fusion

I am a huge fan of multiple monitors.  I currently have a 24″ windscreen LCD surrounded by two 19″ LCDs.  To me this is development nirvana but it order to truly be productive you need software to help you manage … Continue reading 

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Folders 4 GMail

I have officially given up on Internet Explorer as my preferred browser and now exclusively use FireFox! Since moving over to FireFox I have discovered the wonderful world of AddOns that FireFox has to offer.  If you are an avid … Continue reading 

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Agile vs. Traditional Development Cost Models …Maybe

One of the developers in the lab had been talking to his friends, who is being introduced to Scrum.  One of the value proposition that they are selling to his friends company is that Agile will save you money in … Continue reading 

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I am having the Vista USB blues

OK it has been three days now and Vista still cannot recognize ANY of my USB drives!  I have installed the latest cumulative update from the KB articles and ran through the steps here to recover the metabase for the … Continue reading 

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Do you need a sofa mover or a chair mover?

I was talking to a peer of mine Tim Quinn, who I have spent the last year mentoring.  I have to say he surprised me, when one of our analyst argued about Paired Programming, Tim came up with this phrase: … Continue reading 

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Agile Bibliography Wiki

<info> George Dinwiddie announces the Agile Bibliography Wiki to track readings on the subject of agile, particularly those that are useful to back up a point, or which are useful references, and invites the community to help fill out the … Continue reading 

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