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Ruby in Steel

I want to get a little more serious about Ruby.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Ruby in Steel.  It seems like the most logical choice for .Net developers at this time.  What other tools should … Continue reading 

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Complexity Based Programming

So what is it? As an Agile practitioner do you ever struggle having to justify Paired Programming to management? Typical management reaction to even the idea of Paired Programming is “Why would I pay two programmers to do something what … Continue reading 

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Scrum Creates Job Opportunities

Well maybe at least for consultants that is.   I am going to state something that is obvious to me but maybe I am just being naive.   I think that Scrum creates 3 different types of job roles: Scrum … Continue reading 

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The Smells of Refactoring?

Now that this title has totally confused you.  Jimmy Bogard came up with an awesome quick reference guide on Smells of Refactoring.  I am glad to see he took the time to compile this list.

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Live Writer Beta 3 Available

Don’t know how I missed this one but being an avid user of Live Writer, Microsoft has released Beta 3 for download. I have yet to find a better blog author tool than Live Writer.  What is everyone else using?

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SCRUM The gateway drug to true Agility

I wanted to comment of a recent post by Jeremy Miller and Scott Bellware really hit home. Recently I have been tasked to propose an Agile adoption strategy from my company. I have gone through several draft and have come … Continue reading 

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LosTechies Status

To all readers, I apologize for the blogs being down the past 48 hours.  We had a server hardware issue and have been moved to a new box.  Please be aware that SMTP is still down.  What this translates to … Continue reading 

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Concerns about NBehave

This is an attempt to answer Scott Bellware’s concerns and questions about NBehave. Scott, first off thanks for posing the question I really appreciate open honest feedback. I want to make sure that everyone understands that I don’t treat Agile … Continue reading 

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NBehave Story Authoring

Jimmy Bogard has an excellent post show casing some of the new features of NBehave 0.3. Some of the new features include: Pending scenarios Console runner Decorate your tests with “Theme” and “Story” attributes Scenario result totals Dry run output … Continue reading 

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I’ve been Simpsonized!

Inspired by Bellware’s post I decided to Simposonize a pic of mine.  Striking likeness don’t you agree.

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