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Model Driven Architecture

I was really excited to read about Microsoft’s recent exploration into the MDA arena!  This is something I have been wanting for quite sometime but I am very hesitant to get too excited.  Microsoft has a tendency to create bloat … Continue reading 

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Please Welcome Evan Hoff!

<humor> We wanted to bring a little southern hospitality to Los Techies but we couldn’t find anyone and settled for Evan Hoff.  j/k </humor> All kidding aside Evan brings a fun spirited point of view on vast array of pragmatic … Continue reading 

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Curious, What does your day look like?

I am just curious about all these great post I see coming from many of you.  How do you all (Texans ya’ll) find the time? My typical day. 5:30 Wake-up kids, and family Snooze till 6:15 (I need all the … Continue reading 

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Please Welcome Jimmy Bogard!

It was a long hard fight with a lot of hair pulling and sacrificing small dogs(not really) but please help me Welcome Jimmy Bogard to Los Techies!  

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Thoughts on OpenUP?

I have been reading up on the The Eclipse Process Framework (EPF).  In particular the OpenUP Agile Methodology. I found it funny that when I looked at the process documentation is resembled closely Scott Amblers Agile Unified Process that I had … Continue reading 

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RE: BDD and Requirements Traceability – Oh No, Not Again

This is a response to Scott Bellware’s recent post on “BDD and Requirements Traceability – Oh No, Not Again” It is true that we are inevitably doomed to repeat our past mistakes if subsequent generations are unaware of the travails … Continue reading 

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Reinstalled Firefox — What add-ons do you use?

I recently had to reinstall Firefox and was wondering what (other than the add-ons listed below) add-on’s everyone else is using? I personally use this as my standard add-on image.

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Resp: Why ALT.NET?

Perception! I am sure all of us have heard that perception is 9/10th the rule. Unfortunately perception is what tainted the name Alt.Net. <humor> The community at large has seen this movement as gathering of elite programmers to form a … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net conference and Behavior Driven Design

Today at the Alt.Net conference we discussed Behavior Driven Design. The debate was heated and there were varying opinions on “What is BDD?” and how to implement it. What I am worried about is that I think we did more … Continue reading 

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Off to the Alt.Net Conference

I am really excited about the Alt.Net conference this weekend.  If anything it will give me a chance to meet a lot of my blog roll in person.  Expect allot of blog entries when I get back.

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