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NSpec merges with NBehave!

I am pleased to announce that Tim Haughton has agreed to join his NSpec project with NBehave! So what does this mean for you the developers? Well it means that you have one OSS project team supporting multiple BDD frameworks … Continue reading 

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Is your IDE looking kind of dull? Tired of the same colors?

Well then I have the place for you.  Ok used car salesmen pitch over.  I stumbled across this site IsYourIDEHot that has allot of preconfigured color schemes to try.  Note: I wasted an hour of my life looking at this … Continue reading 

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Does this mean we can patch the .Net Framework?

In an interesting move Microsoft opened portions of the .Net Framework source code to the development community.  You will be able to seamlessly debug into the lower innards of the framework provided you have Visual Studio 2008 installed. I wonder … Continue reading 

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Why every developer needs a MacBook Pro?

Over the past couple of week I have been debating of why I should NOT by a Mac.  In the past before Apple moved to the Intel chipset, I saw Macs as more of a overpriced graphics workstation with a … Continue reading 

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