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What I do

In response to being tagged by Jason!: These are one of the few questions I hate to answer because I don’t like talking about myself.  In fact if I met you on the street and it was a casual gathering, … Continue reading 

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Say goodbye to 411 charges

And say hello Goog 411 My brother made me aware of a new free business information service provide by Google.  I actually used this over that last couple of days shopping for my kids and having to hunt down the … Continue reading 

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BDD Surprise: R# Usage Scenarios

I had to blog about this because it brought a smile to my face when I saw it. After some discussion yesterday over the benefits of implementing a REST model in ASP.Net MVC.  I was up late last night looking … Continue reading 

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Customer Perception Model: Know thy customer

It’s important to know how your “working” software is being received out in the field.  Immediate customer feedback is one thing during a release but what about after the code actually gets out into the field.  How are those users … Continue reading 

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Now MVC has rescues: Kind Of

I really missed using the [Rescue] attribute from MonoRail in the ASP MVC framework.  I missed it so much that I decided to create my own.  With the help of Phil Haack’s ConventionController and Frederick Norman’s post on ErrorHandlerAttribute it … Continue reading 

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ASP MVC Forum Link

This is more for my personal reference than anything else.  But I thought I would share this with everyone in case they  were wondering where we can share information with MS and one another on the ASP MVC framework. ASP … Continue reading 

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Where the magic happens: Our Dev Lab

Some if you wanted to see what our lab looks like so I found some pics and thought I would share them with you.  I took these pics late in the day and most of developers had left at this … Continue reading 

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User Story Templates

A couple of people emailed me and asked me what the story cards looked like on our information radiator. It is important to note that these story cards are only drafted after extensive modeling and feedback sessions during our modeling … Continue reading 

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Convention over Configuration: The Haack Response

Yesterday Sean and I talked briefly about Convention over Configuration and how disappointed we both were on MS direction requiring the [ControllerAction] attribute for each action in the controller.  Similar sentiments seen in Ayende’s post as well.  Less than a … Continue reading 

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Information Radiators: Make life visible

A couple of people have asked me how we track our work for our iterations. We basically use a somewhat simple information radiator. Information radiators serve to quickly give everyone on the project team a quick indication on what needs … Continue reading 

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