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LosTechies welcomes Derick Bailey

We would like to welcome Derick Bailey to the LosTechies blogging community! Some of us had the opportunity to meet Derick at Pablo’s Day of TDD and were impressed with his passion and commitment to modern  day software development. He … Continue reading 

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LosTechies Welcomes Scott C Reynolds!

Captivated by his dashing good looks and over all sex appeal, LosTechies is pleased to welcome Scott C Reynolds to our happy family. We are pleased to have him on board and know his passion will help other developers to … Continue reading 

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Need to get something off my chest

For the most part I have been out of pocket from the .Net community over the last 6 months due to new obligations I have taken on. These new obligations have given me the opportunity to explore other communities outside … Continue reading 

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How healthy is your code?

  Technical Debt is not simply an Agile buzzword more than it is a fact of software development.  Just like any other debt it imposes negative ramifications on the software and significant loss is revenue. I hate to get touchy … Continue reading 

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Grapevines and Agile make great Wine…

I couldn’t resist the title. By this point in most of your careers you have been exposed to the grapevine exercise. This exercise is geared to show you how one thought through many control points gets distorted and misrepresented. I … Continue reading 

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Matrix Resource Management and Agile

I have been having an ongoing discussion lately concerning matrix management styles and how they conflict with Agile Project Management. If you look at the traditional “Iron Triangle”, resources are estimated, in that change is expected in the resource allocation … Continue reading 

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My issues with the term "Scrum Master"

A few years ago I was very excited at the possibility of becoming a Scrum master.  At the time I had been an avid XP practitioner for a little over two years.  I had read several books on the Scrum … Continue reading 

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Twittering from the command line

So I was experimenting with Twitter last night and started to use their RESTful services from the command line.  Why you may ask? Well sometimes I just want to tweet something quickly and I don’t want to bother with opening … Continue reading 

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JUnit 4 TestSuite Declaration

This is mainly for my own reference but if it helps people out there great!  The documentation on this aspect of JUnit is very poor. package agalliao.wealthManagment.domain;import org.junit.runner.RunWith;import org.junit.runners.Suite; @RunWith(Suite.class)@Suite.SuiteClasses({ investmentTests.class, catalogTests.class, markerTests.class })public class AllTests { // why on … Continue reading 

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PTOM: OCP revisited in Ruby

I was playing with some Ruby code this weekend and thought I would show some OCP with Ruby. For more of an in-depth discussion on OCP please read my previous post. Now the first thing I want to point out … Continue reading 

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