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Now MVC has rescues: Kind Of

I really missed using the [Rescue] attribute from MonoRail in the ASP MVC framework.  I missed it so much that I decided to create my own.  With the help of Phil Haack’s ConventionController and Frederick Norman’s post on ErrorHandlerAttribute it … Continue reading 

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Convention over Configuration: The Haack Response

Yesterday Sean and I talked briefly about Convention over Configuration and how disappointed we both were on MS direction requiring the [ControllerAction] attribute for each action in the controller.  Similar sentiments seen in Ayende’s post as well.  Less than a … Continue reading 

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Model Driven Architecture

I was really excited to read about Microsoft’s recent exploration into the MDA arena!  This is something I have been wanting for quite sometime but I am very hesitant to get too excited.  Microsoft has a tendency to create bloat … Continue reading 

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Complexity Based Programming

So what is it? As an Agile practitioner do you ever struggle having to justify Paired Programming to management? Typical management reaction to even the idea of Paired Programming is “Why would I pay two programmers to do something what … Continue reading 

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The Smells of Refactoring?

Now that this title has totally confused you.  Jimmy Bogard came up with an awesome quick reference guide on Smells of Refactoring.  I am glad to see he took the time to compile this list.

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This is more of a question that anything else. I have allot of documentation on our Agile Process and I have to publish it.  Currently it is in a Word Document format but I don’t like the constraints of having to version a document.  … Continue reading