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LosTechies Welcomes Scott C Reynolds!

Captivated by his dashing good looks and over all sex appeal, LosTechies is pleased to welcome Scott C Reynolds to our happy family. We are pleased to have him on board and know his passion will help other developers to … Continue reading 

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Hard to say goodbye

Well yesterday was my final day at Wachovia.  It was really hard to say goodbye to all the wonderful friends and colleagues I have made there but it was time to move on.  It was really difficult to leave such … Continue reading 


!!!!Please update your LOSTECHIES RSS FEED!!!!

We have recently updated our main feed to feedburner.  Everyone please update your RSS readers to point too. Thank you, you may now continue with your regularly scheduled reading.


LosTechies welcomes Eric Hexter!!!!

What more could be said about the MVCContrib coordinator extraordinaire, Eric Hexter! How is that for a build up?  Many welcomes to Eric Hexter for joining us here at LosTechies. We are pleased to have him on board and know … Continue reading 


LosTechies welcomes Ray Houston

We would like to welcome Ray Houston (current blog, new LosTechies blog) to the LosTechies blogging community!  Some of us had the opportunity to meet Ray at the Austin TDD Coding Dojo and was impressed with his humility, intelligence, and … Continue reading 

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(A Belated) Welcome Chad Myers!

Sorry about this one Chad, I accidentally saved it to my draft folder. LosTechies happily welcomes Chad Myers to the crew! Now I have even more people to hang out with in Austin!

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Who said Tie Fighter pilots aren’t real

I know this post isn’t tech related but the geek in me and my former Air Force persona, couldn’t help but share this. Apparently this is the fighter pilot helmet of the future.  It has the ability to give the … Continue reading 

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LosTechies Status

To all readers, I apologize for the blogs being down the past 48 hours.  We had a server hardware issue and have been moved to a new box.  Please be aware that SMTP is still down.  What this translates to … Continue reading 

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