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VS Testing – Annoyance Of The Day

This is mostly a rant, so feel free to skip this one.  Really. (Most folks are probably already enjoying the holiday weekend anyways…) <rant> I’ve recently started a new project on which I have to use the dreaded VS Testing … Continue reading 

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NHibernate Mapping Validation Tool?

Writing my last post got me thinking…  Surely someone has written an automated script or tool that could examine NHibernate mapping files and verify all the items I pointed out in my previous post.  Or maybe even, another step further, also … Continue reading 

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Thoughts On Validating NHibernate Mapping Files

Ben brought up a good (pain) point in his comment on my last post that can definitely occur when doing integration testing using NHibernate.  Invalid mapping files can cause the ISessionFactory to break upon creation, often leaving you to check the … Continue reading 

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Setting Default Focus Using MonoRail/Prototype Ajax Libraryw

It’s the little things that make web applications a bit more user friendly.  One of these very basic things is simply making sure that some element, ideally the most important one (i.e. search box, first data entry element, etc.), is … Continue reading 

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Unit Testing NHibernate DALs – What Are You *Really* Testing?

Someone new to NHibernate recently asked me how to unit test their data access layer which uses NHibernate.  I’ve already sent him my thoughts on it, but figured it may make for a good blog post to get some of the … Continue reading 

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Creating Composite View Components In MonoRail / Refactoring Exercise

In a previous post, I showed some examples of how to create custom view components in MonoRail and touched on the ability to create composite view components.  Since then I’ve refactored towards the use of interfaces which I think is a cleaner approach, … Continue reading 

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Thanks Jason, for getting me set up over here at LosTechies.  I’m looking forward to contributing my thoughts and experiences as I continue down the path of this agile/.NET software consultant thang.  In case you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging … Continue reading 

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