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SQL Server CE – Great for prototyping and testing

Background Yesterday I put together a simple POC app for my team lead who needed to see Spring.NET + NHibernate in action (no, not the book) for a client.  Even though these days I’m using the Castle stack for most of … Continue reading 

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ReSharper 3.0 – Like a kid in a candy store again

When I first started using ReSharper a couple years ago and with each subsequent release, I’ve had a lot of fun just exploring all of those “little” features that sometimes go unnoticed, but yet, can greatly increase your productivity in … Continue reading 

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Minor change (bug?) in file templates feature of ReSharper 3.0

Notice anything wrong with this? That “File Template 5″ is suppose to say “Class” instead.  I recently upgraded to ReSharper 3.0 from 2.5, and of course brought along all of my ReSharper template libraries that I’ve built up.  One of … Continue reading 

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Preliminary thoughts on TDD with MSTest in Orcas

Naysawn, the PM for MSTest, asked that I take a look at the new unit testing features of Orcas, after he read my thoughts on the (sad) current state of MSTest.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a chance to actually … Continue reading 

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Yet another reason to practice TDD

Things have been a little slow on the blog lately because this week is the start of a new job/company for me.  I’m still getting a feel for things and of course one of the first things I’m trying to … Continue reading 

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<kill processName="peskyLittleProcess" />

For a second time now, I’ve found myself needing to kill processes in my automated build scripts, so that was enough for me to automate it and wrap it up in a custom NAnt task.  The first time I needed it, I just embedded the C# … Continue reading 

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I Thought These Days Were Over…

I mean, come on Movielink.  Isn’t it clear by now that IE is not the only kid on the block anymore?  Is your html markup and css *that* bad that you won’t even *attempt* to display it in Firefox?  Maybe … Continue reading 

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What does maintainability mean to you?

Sometimes in my discussions with other developers, we have to agree to disagree on certain things.  One recent topic was that of maintainability, in regards to the size of classes/methods and project structures.  I find it curious that some developers believe a … Continue reading 

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Castle MonoRail – Response To Comments/Ramblings

Billy has decided to move forward with using MonoRail on one of his current projects.  As I was writing the comment on his post to respond to some other folks’ comments, I decided it was getting too long and perhaps I … Continue reading 

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