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Scribbish Skin – For Subtext

This is long overdue, but Nick Parker asked me a long time ago (sorry Nick) where I got the skin I use for my ( blog and I told him I’d make it available.  I actually ported it myself from … Continue reading 

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ActiveSupport.NET – Namespace Overhaul

Figured I’d try and get this nailed down as early as possible.  So after some recent feedback, I decided to change the namespacing so that it focused more on “behavior/concern” rather than “types”.  What this means is… Instead of: using … Continue reading 

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ActiveSupport.NET – Update

So it seems there is some interest in getting something like this up and running.  I went ahead and did some of the basic “project setup” type tasks.  Here are some links of interest… ActiveSupport.NET Google Code Project ActiveSupport.NET.Discuss (general) … Continue reading 

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Introducing ActiveSupport.NET

To my surprise, none of my googling seemed to come up with anyone doing this.  So I figured I’d start it off (please let me know if you know of any other efforts already underway).  As some would say, taking … Continue reading 

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