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ActiveSupport.NET – Update

So it seems there is some interest in getting something like this up and running.  I went ahead and did some of the basic “project setup” type tasks.  Here are some links of interest… ActiveSupport.NET Google Code Project ActiveSupport.NET.Discuss (general) … Continue reading 

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Introducing ActiveSupport.NET

To my surprise, none of my googling seemed to come up with anyone doing this.  So I figured I’d start it off (please let me know if you know of any other efforts already underway).  As some would say, taking … Continue reading 

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Jay Flowers came down to our humble Richmond DNUG tonight to talk about Continuous Integration and his rockin’ open-source product, CI Factory.  It was a great demonstration of how to get a very robust automated build server up and running … Continue reading 

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I Do What?

Ok, so I know I’m crazy late on this one, but things have been a bit hectic recently.  And I’m not even talking about holidays.  But since our newly knighted member at LosTechies has chimed in, I guess it’s about … Continue reading 

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Just like being there…almost.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make it to any of the jazzy conferences in 2007.  There are a few that I would’ve really liked to have attended; altnetconf, DevTeach, RailsConf and RubyConf to name a few.  Luckily, you can … Continue reading 

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MonoRail Quickly – Screencast

Update: Zip file links have been updated due to the first one being corrupt! Well it was bound to happen at some point.  My first screencast.  It’s a quick walkthrough on how you can get a baseline MonoRail solution up … Continue reading 

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Random Thoughts On Humility and Perfection

(Sorry for the recent codeless posts, but these are just some of the things I’ve been thinking about and dealing with recently) As I continue down this road as a software consultant (still with a consulting firm), I find myself working … Continue reading 

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Principles and Patterns over Tools and Frameworks

It’s interesting to see what other developers value and/or what topics they are interested in regarding the development of software.  I’m going to start doing some internal presentations and live coding sessions at my company for my fellow consultants.  I’ve … Continue reading 

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TalesFromTheSmellySide(Of Code) – Episode #2 – SQL Injection Infection

Just so folks don’t think I’m coming off as elitist with my new little series, here’s an oldie but a goodie from yours truly on my first .NET project way back in early 2002.  (And really, my first real programming project, … Continue reading 

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TalesFromTheSmellySide<Code> – Episode #1

What is this? Well, it was inevitable that my long stint of greenfield projects was going to come to end at some point, especially since I’m in the consulting world.  So now that I’m starting to find myself working in … Continue reading 

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