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NAnt and .NET 3.5

I recently started a personal .NET 3.5 project (finally learning the ASP.NET MVC architecture) and noticed when I tried to migrate an old NAnt build file over and run the automated build it died.  The main reason was because when … Continue reading 

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JetBrains TeamCity

Being sick today has allowed me to catch up on my ASP.NET MVC knowledge and also move the remainder of my CC.NET projects to JetBrains TeamCity.  Being sick is no fun though. *Cough Cough* After reading Sean’s post on TeamCity, … Continue reading 

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What I do

 In response to being tagged by Ben Scheirman: I’m a full-time software developer currently working for Wachovia (formerly World Savings) in San Antonio, TX.  I’m a lead developer on the team I’m on.  This doesn’t mean I’m a master developer, … Continue reading 

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For individuals who do not like command prompt, you can use a GUI tool to handle your NAnt build files.  This was mentioned on the Alt.NET yahoo group. Check it out here.  I just played with it briefly and it … Continue reading 

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<kill processName="peskyLittleProcess" />

For a second time now, I’ve found myself needing to kill processes in my automated build scripts, so that was enough for me to automate it and wrap it up in a custom NAnt task.  The first time I needed it, I just embedded the C# … Continue reading 

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