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A Response to 5 Right Reasons to Apply Kanban

Michael Dubakov has a couple of great posts over at TargetProcess on 5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban and 5 Reasons To Apply Kanban. I started to post this as a comment in response to his 5 Reasons To Apply … Continue reading 

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How To Get Started With Kanban In Software Development

There’s a lot of great talk around the inter-weber-net-o-sphere on why Kanban works in software development, how to do specific details of Kanban, how to effectively talk about it, and other such subjects. If you’re interested in a great set … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 1: Why

Several years ago, I started using source control systems to store all of my code. It was a life saver. I was no longer worried about losing changes that I had made. Then a few years ago, I found Subversion. … Continue reading 

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Theory Of Constraints: Productivity Metrics in Software Development

In the past, I’ve been a true believer that software development is not really possible to measure from a productivity perspective. I was ignorant, basically. I’m now a bit wiser and I understand that software development is no different than … Continue reading 

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Anyone played with Enso?

I ran across this pretty nifty looking launcher/productivity tool called Enso.  I’ve downloaded the launcher and have been playing with it.  Unlike most everybody else, I haven’t switched to Launchy yet from Slickrun.  (I *heart* Slickrun!).  Launchy just seemed a … Continue reading 

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The importance of tools to a software craftsman

And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship — Exodus 31:3 Folks often wonder why I carry my keyboard around with me everywhere there … Continue reading 

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ReSharper 3.0 – Like a kid in a candy store again

When I first started using ReSharper a couple years ago and with each subsequent release, I’ve had a lot of fun just exploring all of those “little” features that sometimes go unnoticed, but yet, can greatly increase your productivity in … Continue reading 

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Preliminary thoughts on TDD with MSTest in Orcas

Naysawn, the PM for MSTest, asked that I take a look at the new unit testing features of Orcas, after he read my thoughts on the (sad) current state of MSTest.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a chance to actually … Continue reading 

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Yet another reason to practice TDD

Things have been a little slow on the blog lately because this week is the start of a new job/company for me.  I’m still getting a feel for things and of course one of the first things I’m trying to … Continue reading 

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