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Reloading all projects with VSCommands

Quite often I’ll find myself working in situations where multiple projects have changed, and Visual Studio asks to reload them, one at a time.  This happens when I’m working a lot with source control, and doing things like switching branches, … Continue reading 


Protip: Viewing large XML files

There are lots of editors that can view large XML files, such as Visual Studio, Notepad++, UltraEdit and so on.  But all of these have one flaw – they try and do too much in viewing XML.  Things like coloring, … Continue reading 


Using Solution Factory + NuPack to create Opinionated Visual Studio Solutions.

Using Solution Factory inside of NuPack opens up a great new world of creating Solution Level templates. Previously, I wrote a lot of code in Solution Factory that just kept running into edge cases working against the Visual Studio automation … Continue reading 

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Automating scheduled tasks

Back in the day, I used to develop scheduled tasks by writing my own task scheduler and batch execution program.  I don’t think at the time I knew about the Task Scheduler service built in to Windows.  It support just … Continue reading 

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Integrating the Git bash into Console

One of the essential development tools (found on Hanselman’s tools list) is a better command shell.  The regular “cmd.exe” that comes with every version of Windows is quite lame.  Console offers a host of improvements over the build-in command prompt, … Continue reading 


DevExpress is a Platinum Sponsor of Austin Code Camp 2010

Developer Express Inc. develops Feature-Complete Components for ASP.Net and Winforms, Reporting Tools, IDE Add-ins, and Business Application Frameworks for Visual Studio. Information at On behalf of the Austin .Net Users Group (ADNUG) and every attendee of Code Camp 2010, … Continue reading 

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Using MSDeploy to automate your Enterprise Application remote deployments.

MsDeploy is a newish technology that is a bit schizophrenic.  What I mean is that it is a tool that is useful to both Developers and Administrators but it is not clear from the documentation how to best use the … Continue reading 

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Video of the Continuous Integration workshop

Early this week we  ( Jeffrey Palermo and I ) gave a Continuous Integration Workshop in Austin.  We were able to record the workshop and our company Headspring Systems made the recordings available on their website. There is just under … Continue reading 

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Continuous Database Integration – video

At the continuous integration workshop Headspring Systems held in Austin this week one of the topics that we covered was Database Integration. We are still in the process of publishing the videos of the entire workshop but I thought I … Continue reading 

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Free Continuous Integration Workshop in Austin Tuesday Sept 15th 1pm-5pm

  I am doing a Continuous Integration Workshop next Tuesday.  The admission is free and will be held at the Microsoft Office.  To register go here:   This will cover the basics of what continuous integration is as well … Continue reading 

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