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Castle ActiveRecord and registering classes at runtime

I use the following trick for adding ActiveRecord classes after the fact for our in-house plug-in architecture.  Thanks to whichever blogger/mailing list I picked this up from so long ago. Scenario 1: Class(es) to load inherit from same base class … Continue reading 

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Why Use ActiveRecordMediator instead of NHibernate

My blog post on using ActiveRecordMediator to use the Repository pattern with ActiveRecord was discussed on Castle’s Forums.  A good question was raised in that forum, and other people that I talked to about using the Mediator class: “Why use … Continue reading 

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Using Database Repository Pattern with ActiveRecord with ActiveRecordMediator

This is a Re-Post from my older blog at geekswithblogs. Castle’s ActiveRecord frame work is an easy way to get introduced to NHibernate if you’re not familiar with setting up and using NHibernate (which I’m not). However many people are … Continue reading 

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