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Wiring Up Generics In Castle Windsor

I’m working with a new team that has a slightly different technology stack then I’m used to.  On most projects where I am the team lead, StructureMap is my IOC container of choice.  I’ve always thought that this was just … Continue reading 

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Windsor style convention over configuration in StructureMap

So I was trying to get my  BDD project SpecMaker working on Mono only to find out  my usual IoC container of choice Castle Windsor does not play nice.  StructureMap I’ve heard plays nice in Mono, and I know a … Continue reading 

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VAN: Castle Monorail, Active Record and Brail talk at Wednesday 8PM CST (-5 GMT), by yours truly.

Last week I did a talk on Windsor and it went..ok. I’m not used to online presentations and am more experienced in front of crowds that I can interact with. So between last week’s experience and some advice from Agile … Continue reading 

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VAN: Doing 2 Part Series on Castle development July 1st and 8th at 8pm

I know this isn’t related to my Pylons series and worry not there is no interruption in that, but I’m giving a couple of talks on Virtual Alt.Net. The first one I’ve done before and you may have heard it … Continue reading 

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Castle ActiveRecord and registering classes at runtime

I use the following trick for adding ActiveRecord classes after the fact for our in-house plug-in architecture.  Thanks to whichever blogger/mailing list I picked this up from so long ago. Scenario 1: Class(es) to load inherit from same base class … Continue reading 

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PTOM: Single Responsibility Principle

The Single Responsibility Principle This post is about the first letter in Uncle Bob’s SOLID acronym, Single Responsibility Principle, and a continuation of The Los Techies Pablo’s Topic of the Month – March: SOLID Principles.  Sean has already posted on … Continue reading 

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MonoRail Quickly – Screencast

Update: Zip file links have been updated due to the first one being corrupt! Well it was bound to happen at some point.  My first screencast.  It’s a quick walkthrough on how you can get a baseline MonoRail solution up … Continue reading 

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MonoRail Controller Test Analysis – Problem and Resolution

Last night, my fellow LosTechies geek Jason, wanted me to check out something he was trying to do in a MonoRail controller test.  For some background and the original source code he was working with, see his Castle forum post. So here … Continue reading 

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From Windsor XML to Binsor In 4 Hours

I’m getting ready to take a break from my current project and switch gears for a little while, but there were a number of “clean up” type tasks I wanted to do before I wrapped things up.  One of the … Continue reading 

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RE: Technology Brainstorm

(Because I often get tired of writing my verbose comments in a 300×300 text box…) Colin seems to find himself in a pretty good spot.  The wonderful world of Greenfield development.  But of course with this comes…decisions.  MVC or Web … Continue reading 

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