Upcoming FubuMVC Webinar: F101 – Behaviors, Configuration, and Runtime

This week we will be re-doing the first episode with some lessons learned incorporated into the slides. Just to recap the overview of this installment…

I’m going to drill our entire architecture into your head. I’ll explain this magic BehaviorGraph and Behavior idea that we always talk about. By the end of this, you should understand what makes FubuMVC different.

This is a conceptual talk but we will dive into some basic FubuMVC coding and get a project off the ground and running in your browser.

Join us this Friday (8/19) at 10:00AM CST:

About Josh Arnold

Josh is team lead at Extend Health and a principal developer on the Fubu-family of frameworks. He is a proud husband, terrified but excited father, passionate software guy and coach, closet musician, aspiring man of God, and a perpetual learner.
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  • Anonymous

    That’s 5AM UTC – somewhat early for us poor Europeans. Are you recording whatever happens there?
    Ouch, BrainSuspendedException, it’s of course 16:00UTC, so never mind…

    • Anonymous

      Heh. They will be recorded and posted just like the previous ones in case you miss them.

  • Prz.

    I don’t know how tight is your agenta for tommorow’s webinar, but it would be great if you’ll find some time to say few words about:
    - IUrlPolicy
    - What are policies?
    - What is the difference between Invoke and InvokePartial?
    - What is the difference between behavior node which implements IActionBehavior and other node which inherits from BasicBehavior? When we should use IActionBehavior and when we should choose BasicBehavior?

    • Anonymous

      We’re going to be touching on all of these.