F101 – Behaviors, Configuration, and Runtime

Thanks to everyone who attended this morning’s webinar. The code and slides from today’s session can be found at: https://github.com/jmarnold/F101

Today we focused on learning the basics of FubuMVC while touching on the following topics:

  • From routes to methods
  • What’s a Controller Action?
  • ActionCalls
  • Behaviors
  • Behavior: Nodes, Chains, and Graph
  • From methods routes: IUrlPolicy
  • Behavior Invocation

I will continue with these webinars to provide newcomers to the framework with an entry point. The only thing that I ask is that you provide feedback in our mailing list for two things:

  • How to improve these webinars
  • How to incorporate the content of these webinars into our guides

If you’re feeling particularly generous, please talk to me if you’re interested in helping us with our guides.

Last but not least, here is today’s recording:

F101 – Behaviors, Configuration, and Runtime – v2 from Joshua Arnold on Vimeo.

About Josh Arnold

Josh is team lead at Extend Health and a principal developer on the Fubu-family of frameworks. He is a proud husband, terrified but excited father, passionate software guy and coach, closet musician, aspiring man of God, and a perpetual learner.
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  • Przemek Tyrkiel

    Hi Josh,
    When can we expect next webinars?

    • Anonymous


      We’re still trying to regain some sort of “schedule” over here. Our first son was born last Tuesday!

      I’m thinking I’ll get them going again in a few weeks. If not, then I’ll restart after Pablo’s Fiesta.