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Back in the saddle

You know how when you haven’t blogged in a long time, you completely lose perspective on just HOW LONG it’s actually been? I pulled up my posts to check a while ago and realized it had been TWO YEARS since … Continue reading 

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FubuValidation: Have validation your way

I’m happy to announce that another member of the Fubu family of projects has been documented. The project of the day is: FubuValidation. As usual, the docs go into far greater detail than I will here but I’ll provide some … Continue reading 

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ripple: Fubu-inspired dependency management

I’m happy to announce that our ripple project is now publicly available and it’s sporting some brand new documentation. The docs go into greater detail than I’m going to write here but I’ll provide some highlights: Overview: Ripple is a … Continue reading 

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Introducing FubuMVC.AutoComplete

In my previous post, I introduced FubuMVC.Validation and the power of the “drop in Bottles” found in FubuMVC. Today, I’m happy to continue that series by introducing FubuMVC.AutoComplete. This is a simplistic demonstration but I want to make note of … Continue reading 

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Introducing FubuMVC.Validation. For real.

As some of you may already know, FubuMVC finally hit 1.0. In response to this milestone, Jeremy and I are hard at work on docs and trying to restrain the urge to write new features until those are done. Today … Continue reading 

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Investing in your tests–A lesson in object composition

“Invest in your tests”. I say it all the time and it just never seems to carry the weight that I want it to. This bothers me. It bothers me so much that it’s generally in the back of my … Continue reading 

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Lessons from refactoring two year old code

About two years ago I took my first swing at FubuValidation and FubuMVC.Validation. Jeremy and I have been playing chicken on a cleanup of both of them for a long time now. Thankfully, two years later, I finally found the … Continue reading 

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Guidelines for Automated Testing: Defining Test Inputs

There are several simple rules to follow when dealing with test setup for automated tests: Data setup should be declarative Data setup should be as easy as you can possibly make it The inputs for your test belong with your … Continue reading 

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Guidelines for Automated Testing

Overview Continuing the theme of my most recent posts, I’ve decided to start a series on Automated Testing. I’ll be pulling from lessons learned on all of the crazy things that I’ve been involved with over the last year. It’s … Continue reading 

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A lesson in automated testing via SlickGrid

Overview Some time ago I became absolutely obsessed with testing – automated testing to be more specific. While I mostly blame Jeremy Miller for drilling the concepts and values into my skull, I’ve recently started wondering what changed in me. … Continue reading 

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