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Announcing HtmlTags 1.0

I’m pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of the HtmlTags library. You can add it to your projects today using nuget. > Install-Package HtmlTags HtmlTags provides a simple object model for generating HTML from .NET code. The main … Continue reading 

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Code samples from my ADNUG talk – Coding with Conventions

A couple people have asked for the code I used during my talk at the Austin .NET User Group last night. The code is on github: The master branch has the state of the code before I started the … Continue reading 

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Applying data restrictions to route authorization

I introduced our concept of data restrictions in the context of filtering out entities from data access queries. I then had to clarify that data restrictions are not tied to data access – they are part of the domain logic. … Continue reading 

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Helpful DateTime extension methods for dealing with Time Zones

This post is inspired by Scott Mitchell’s 5 Helpful DateTime Extension Methods. I built a couple extension methods while adding time zone support to our application. Since time zone math is never fun, I figure someone else may benefit from … Continue reading 

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A quick follow up about data restrictions

A comment on my last post caused me to re-read it, and realize that I didn’t do a good job of emphasizing the role of data restrictions (implementations of IDataRestriction<T>) in our application. Since I introduced them in the context … Continue reading 

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How we systemically apply filters to our data access

I wrote about limiting access to sensitive information in Dovetail Support Center on the company blog, but didn’t get too deep into the technical implementation. Since that feature development relied heavily on the capabilities of our open source web framework, … Continue reading 

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Validate a Facebook JavaScript SDK cookie with Ruby

UPDATE: The Facebook API has changed since this article was posted. The code below will no longer work with the cookies provided by Facebook (which now looks like “fbsr_#{@fb_app_id}”). There is some sample code in the comments below that is … Continue reading 

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Extending GitHub Issues

The problem My team recently decided to experiment with using the Issues feature of our private Github repository. We’ve avoided a bug tracking tool for a long time, but this one seemed just lightweight enough that it was worth a … Continue reading 

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View files on GitHub from Visual Studio

My favorite way to view the history of a file in git is via the GitHub website. It gives me all the information I need, with convenient hyperlinks to to additional information. However, it was never easy to go from … Continue reading 

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Use gitk to understand git – merge and rebase

This is the second part of my Use gitk to understand git post. In my initial overview, I demonstrated creating a branch, making a couple commits to that branch, and then merging them back into master. In that scenario, there … Continue reading 

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