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Use gitk to understand git

Moving from subversion to git can be a struggle, trying to understand what terms like checkout, commit, branch, remote, rebase all mean in the git world. I learned by experimenting in a demo repository, trying out various commands, and using … Continue reading 

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Error detected while processing vimrc error when using UTF-8 characters in listchars variable

This error stumped me for a while, and I didn’t find any good answers on Google, so hopefully this can help someone else. I’m running gVim 7.2 on Windows – this information may not apply to other versions/platforms. Problem I’ve … Continue reading 

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Linux Re-revisited

I have long been a Windows user, but I have a habit of installing Linux on a home machine every couple years to give it a chance to grow on me. It had never won me over to become my … Continue reading 

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Using rake under IronRuby

Download and install IronRuby Go to and click on the Downloads tab. Grab the .zip file that is appropriate for your platform. There is also a Windows Installer, but I don’t know what it does, so I stick with … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 2010

A reminder that Austin .NET User Group’s Code Camp is in a couple days – Saturday, May 15 2010. Code Camp is always free, and registration is still open. At 9am, I’ll be talking about “Leveraging conventions in .NET”. I’ll … Continue reading 

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Adding git commit information to your assemblies

The problem It is a fairly common practice of .NET projects hosted in Subversion to include the repository Revision number as part of the AssemblyVersion. For example, MyWidgets.dll might have a version of, which means it was built from … Continue reading 

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Teaching AutoMapper about our conventions

I often need to send data from my entities to the client in JSON format to enable rich AJAX functionality. It isn’t practical to serialize the entities directly, so they are first flattened to a data transfer object (DTO) before … Continue reading 

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Adding variable output behavior to your FubuMVC actions

Introduction A question I’ve received multiple times now when discussing FubuMVC’s flexibility: can I make a single controller action render a view, or json, or rss/xml, etc., based on a request header, or some portion of the URL? The short … Continue reading 

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How to resolve a binary file conflict with Git

When performing a merge in git, you might see the message: warning: Cannot merge binary files: HEAD:somefile.dll vs. otherbranch:somefile.dll Auto-merging somefile.dll CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in somefile.dll Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result. In this scenario, … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC – Define your actions your way

In this post I’m going to try and demonstrate the flexibility that FubuMVC allows in how you build your web applications. While FubuMVC is opinionated about some things (lean on your container as much as possible), it mostly gets out … Continue reading 

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