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Thinking about sessions for Pablo’s Fiesta

We’ve been head’s down at Dovetail, so I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about Pablo’s Fiesta (shame!).  I’ve come up for air recently and I’m starting to get excited about it again.  Pablo’s Fiesta will be an “Open … Continue reading 


FubuMVC Diagnostics

This post is about the FubuMVC framework. For more info on getting started, click the previous link, or view the Getting started wiki page. FubuMVC’s configuration model is a semantic model that is built up by an API.  This allows … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC – Define your actions your way

In this post I’m going to try and demonstrate the flexibility that FubuMVC allows in how you build your web applications. While FubuMVC is opinionated about some things (lean on your container as much as possible), it mostly gets out … Continue reading 


FubuMVC has moved to GitHub

FYI, if you’re looking at FubuMVC, you should be advised that the new home for the FubuMVC source is now at GitHub. I have cleared the SVN /trunk and /branches/reboot repositories over at the old GoogleCode site. If you currently … Continue reading 

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Announcing FubuMVC

A Little Background UPDATE: 2012 – Fix links which have changed or expired I have been relatively quiet about FubuMVC for some time (only briefly mentioning it in passing on this blog).  It has been a project that has been … Continue reading 


Going Controller-less in MVC: The Way Fowler Meant It To Be

This is sort of a stream-of-consciousness post. Several folks have been asking me what I mean by ‘Controllerless actions’ and what I’m thinking about doing in FubuMVC.  The conversation has already started publically on twitter, so I thought I’d try … Continue reading 


To MVC or to WebForms?

In case you haven’t been following it, there’s a sort of blog storm happening around whether or not you should learn ASP.NET MVC (or indeed MVC in general) or stick with Web Forms. You can follow the storm here: Rob … Continue reading