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Community For MVC – Virtual Meeting – Wednesday 9/16/2009 12:00 – 1:00 PM CST ; T4MVC presented by David Ebbo

Link to the meeting information here:  Please feel free to share this link on twitter, blogs, ect. David Ebbo on the T4MVC project  – Wednesday 9/16/2009 12:00 – 1:00 PM CST Join the meeting here: Bio: David is … Continue reading 

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MvcContrib source code has moved to GitHub

We recently moved the MvcContrib projects source code over to GitHub.  We are hoping that the ease of creating forks and pulling them back into the trunk will allow for more contributions to the project.  I know that GIT seems … Continue reading 

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Giving Your MVC Views an Identity

One of the great CSS tips I got from Zen of CSS was to put an id on the body tag of your html pages.  This makes it really easy to use one CSS file for your entire site (a … Continue reading 

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Opinionated Input Builders – Part 9 override the default Date Time picker

  Part 1 – Overview Part 2 – the Label Part 3 – the Source Code Part 4 – the Partial View Part 5 – the Required Field Indicator Part 6 – the Performance Part 7 – the Performance Take … Continue reading 

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The Perfect Web Framework

I’ve been paid professionally to work with or have messed around with many web frameworks. To name most of them: Perl/CGI RoR a tiny bit of Django ASP.NET WebForms ASP.NET MVC FubuMVC MonoRail a tiny bit of OpenRasta (sorry Sebastian, … Continue reading 


Performance differences in the ASP.Net MVC View Engine when using two View Engines versus a single Composite View Engine.

  While I was testing out my VirtualPathProvider implementation in the Opinionated Input Builders series I ran across an interesting performance difference which was quite surprising.  In fact even after looking at the source code to the MVC ViewEngineCollection it … Continue reading 

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Going Controller-less in MVC: The Way Fowler Meant It To Be

This is sort of a stream-of-consciousness post. Several folks have been asking me what I mean by ‘Controllerless actions’ and what I’m thinking about doing in FubuMVC.  The conversation has already started publically on twitter, so I thought I’d try … Continue reading 


Opinionated Input Builders – Part 7 More on Performance / Take 2.

Part 1 – Overview Part 2 – the Label Part 3 – the Source Code Part 4 – the Partial View Part 5 – the Required Field Indicator  Part 6 – the Performance Part 7 – the Performance Take 2 … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET 400 Bad Request with restricted characters

Today I had to hunt down a reported defect that said our advanced search functionality was returning a Bad Request error. On initial inspection, I was unable to reproduce the issue. After talking to our product manager, I learned that … Continue reading 


But don’t worry, WebForms is not going away…

I got a kick out of Jeremy’s eye poke at the ASP.NET WebForms “simpler” approach to web development. In the same spirit, remember how convoluted it was to call simple JSON services from WebForms? Well, my friend and former colleague … Continue reading 

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