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Run QUnit tests under Continuous Integration with NQUnit

Almost three years ago, I wrote about Running jQuery QUnit tests under Continuous Integration. As you can imagine, a lot has changed in three years. You would now have a lot of trouble following my post if you use the … Continue reading 

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Adding git commit information to your assemblies

The problem It is a fairly common practice of .NET projects hosted in Subversion to include the repository Revision number as part of the AssemblyVersion. For example, MyWidgets.dll might have a version of, which means it was built from … Continue reading 

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Big Visible TeamCity

Big Visible Cruise is a cool utility for adding a build information radiator to your team room. It makes your Cruise Control build status immediately clear with a large green (good) or red (bad) screen. My (admittedly limited) search for … Continue reading 

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Integrating a custom test runner with TeamCity

JetBrains’ TeamCity build server provides a wealth of information about the tests that are run as part of your build. If you use one of the test runners that they support out of the box, you automatically get real-time individual … Continue reading 

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Solution for monitoring multiple TeamCity servers

Proving yet again that the squeaky wheel gets the grease (this issue rose up to have the second highest number of votes in the TeamCity issue tracker), and what a truly responsive vendor JetBrains is, we now have a solution … Continue reading 

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Raising awareness for TeamCity tray notifier issue

UPDATE: JetBrains has released a solution to this issue, I posted a follow up. Rumor has it that a number of your favorite .NET open source applications (including StructureMap) will soon have a publicly available continuous integration server. The server … Continue reading 


Running jQuery QUnit tests under Continuous Integration

UPDATE: The code in this post is out of date. Read it for the explanation, but if you want to implement it, go grab NQUnit via nuget. Setup This post assumes you are already writing unit tests for your JavaScript … Continue reading 

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Monkey patching rake for use with TeamCity

We use Ruby’s rake as our build automation tool.  It provides a nice, XML-free way to define logical groupings of steps to perform, with dependency resolution. We use JetBrain’s TeamCity as our continuous integration server. It has a neat feature … Continue reading 

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Update: TeamCity

As you saw from my last TeamCity post, I was a little frustrated about the fact that I had to create an environment variable to use the NAnt runner.  A colleague, Dru Sellers, contacted me and mentioned the Command Line … Continue reading 

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JetBrains TeamCity

Being sick today has allowed me to catch up on my ASP.NET MVC knowledge and also move the remainder of my CC.NET projects to JetBrains TeamCity.  Being sick is no fun though. *Cough Cough* After reading Sean’s post on TeamCity, … Continue reading 

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