Awesome response to an interview question…

Just a quicky here.  I’ve been reading “Practical Common Lisp” by Peter Seibel (great book by the way) and came across a really funny footnote.  I think I’ll use the interviewing engineer’s response if given the chance in the future.

Here it is:

“A friend of mine was once interviewing an engineer for a programming job and asked him a typical interview question: how do you know when a function or method is too big? Well, said the candidate, I don’t like any method to be bigger than my head. You mean you can’t keep all the details in your head? No, I mean I put my head up against my monitor, and the code shouldn’t be bigger than my head.”

 The system I’m currently working on has methods with hundreds of lines of code…I wish everyone would use the “head check”.

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2 Responses to Awesome response to an interview question…

  1. Tobin Harris says:

    Hehehe, that’s briliant :)

  2. hehehehehehe I would fall out of a chair from laughing if someone would tell me this on an interview hehehehhehehe

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