Selenium and Fitnesse (WebTest) with Firefox 3

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I’ve been using WebTest on Fitnesse for a while but had issue when trying to use it on my Mac.  I found that the problem was with the Selenium server jar.  You have to hack the jar to get it up and running, but the hack is pretty simple.  Here’s a URL detailing what must be done:

For my own benefit, I’ll reiterate what the other blog stated.  First off, here’s the symptom.  When you try to bring up an instance of Firefox 3 through WebTest (or Selenium test via Fitnesse) you’ll notice that the running Selenium server instance freezes.  If you are running the Selenium server in a Console/Terminal window, you’ll see the following:

Preparing Firefox profile…

The source of the problem is in the *.rdf files inside the jar.  The Selenium (0.9.2) folks hardcoded a version ceiling for Firefox at version 2.0.0.*.  This was a bit of a rude discovery, but I’m ever grateful to the referenced blogger for pointing this out.  I thought it was a Mac thing, but once I finally got a Windows VM running I saw the same behaviour.  The fix is really simple.

Step 1: Extract the files needing change (from the directory where you have the jar).

jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/extensions/
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/extensions/{538F0036-F358-4f84-A764-89FB437166B4}/install.rdf
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/extensions/{503A0CD4-EDC8-489b-853B-19E0BAA8F0A4}/install.rdf
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/extensions/
jar xf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/extensions/{538F0036-F358-4f84-A764-89FB437166B4}/install.rdf

Step 2: Change the max version in the rdf (Resource Description Framework) files.

The line of interest looks like this: <em:maxVersion>2.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>

* you can change this to 4.*, should buy some time.

Step 3: Update the jar with your changes.

jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/extensions/
jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/extensions/{538F0036-F358-4f84-A764-89FB437166B4}/install.rdf
jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFFCHROME/extensions/{503A0CD4-EDC8-489b-853B-19E0BAA8F0A4}/install.rdf
jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/extensions/
jar uf selenium-server.jar customProfileDirCUSTFF/extensions/{538F0036-F358-4f84-A764-89FB437166B4}/install.rdf

That’s it, once that’s changed you should be good to go for testing against Firefox 3!

Now getting (0.9.2) to work with Safari…I’m still figuring that one out.  I tried using {*safari} for the browser, but it hangs.  I may need to try to use the 1.0 version of Selenium server once it’s released.

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